Crewe RRT assists Neuro Muscular Centre with charity run.

On Saturday 27th of June, 1500 people gathered to run a 5km course around the picturesque grounds of Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. This was a Run or Dye Charity Event held in conjunction with Help for Heroes and supported by The Neuro Muscular Centre.
The Neuro Muscular Centre is a national charity based in Winsford, Cheshire (who were celebrating having been established for 25 years) and were the chosen local charity partner for the Run or Dye event.

RRT volunteers registering runners on arrival.

RRT volunteers registering runners on arrival.

The Neuro Muscular Centre required 80 volunteers to assist on the day and having found just 20 themselves the RRT stepped in and provided 60 more to ensure they could carry out the event successfully. In the words of Amy from the NMC ‘without the support of RRT we definitely couldn’t have done today!’


The volunteers on the day were involved with car parking assistance, registering and marshalling of runners, sale of merchandise, wash room coordination, helping at the start and finish lines, handing out water and of course throwing coloured dye at the start line and each of the four stations located every kilometre around the track.


Co-ordinating runners on the start line.

Co-ordinating runners on the start line.


RRT volunteers throwing purple dye at the 4Kilometer dye station.

RRT volunteers throwing purple dye at the 4Kilometer dye station.

RRT also donated over 2000 bottles of water to this worthy cause which was handed out both en-route and at the finish line.

Handing out water.

Handing out water.

Brian Adcock the Race Director of Run or Dye UK conveyed his ‘heart felt thanks’ to the ’team from RRT and the NMC.’   The support was greatly appreciated and commented ‘without this volume of people something like this could actually fall fairly flat’.   Brian added that he thought it was ‘absolutely brilliant – couldn’t have done the event without you.’

A display of endurance by a participant with muscular dystrophy.

A display of endurance by a participant with muscular dystrophy.

Over 60 RRT volunteers!

Over 60 RRT volunteers!

12 thoughts on “Crewe RRT assists Neuro Muscular Centre with charity run.”

  1. Down Under says:

    Good to see you R P.
    You look good in Pink .
    It is good to see the great work going on. Keep it up!

  2. Amy Swatkins says:

    It really was an amazing day. A huge thank you once again from everyone at the NeuroMuscular Centre. We are a small charity based in Winsford and we really couldn’t have done it without the support of the wonderful RRT volunteers. For anyone who wants to find out more about us – our website is

  3. RRT Member says:

    Please check out for more information on the charity we were supporting.

    You will see details on how they work together to support people affected by Muscular Dystrophy, creating an environment where full potential and optimal well-being can be achieved, through employment, training and physiotherapy.

  4. well done……that die looks awesome fun…..

    What places were involved??

    1. RRT Member says:

      The dye certainly added a fun side to it yes! But it was great just to be involved in raising funds and the profile of these very worthy charities!
      The event was run by the Crewe team supported by volunteers from Stafford, Chester, Shrewsbury and Newtown because of the numbers required.

  5. CJ says:

    You got a great crew Crewe! Can see you’re lovin’ it…….and the sun is actually shining :) :)

  6. Charity Supporter 63 says:

    Very well done again RRT ! Great crew in Crewe !

  7. Maggie says:

    Excellent photos of a super day supporting such worthy causes.

    Keep up the good work RRT and Cholmondeley.

  8. Interested..... says:

    Great fun!! Can we see the video please?

  9. billo says:

    awsome work

  10. Gd Stuff says:

    Heyy thats awesome….good to see a few familiar faces :)

  11. OldRoller says:


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